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Best green tea for weight loss

Best green tea for weight loss

Perfection is perceived in different ways by different people. To many, it can relate to a lifestyle, to a few they long to attain perfection in their work, but mostly, everybody wants to look perfect. Changing the way we look may not be as easy as pie. But having a perfect body is possible. No, it’s not about the heavy exercises or the strict diets, tea can help. Green tea is credited for its fruitful properties that aid weight loss. Green Tea is always been favored by a number of professionals for its exceptional goods qualities. Your doctor too might have suggested you to choose Green Tea over tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks that are available in the market.

Why lose weight?

As old as times are the stories that depict the overweight humans mostly as villains or not so important characters, and the hero will always have carved muscles and strong body, and the heroine with a slim and fit look. With regards to it, we do not mean to stand by the judgemental society or promote any kind body shaming in any way, however, what we would like to focus on is the positive approach that these stories can have, that fit body can translate to having a healthy mind and can help people evolve better and harmoniously involve in the activities.

Having a fit body promotes good health, and we all know health is wealth. So anything that is important to one’s health should be given utmost priority.

Why choose Green Tea for weight loss?

Green Tea with its many benefits has the power to take your efforts for weight loss to another level, because it is known to promote efficient metabolism, and helps you to burn your fats faster. The contents of Green Tea including caffeine acts as a stimulant that improves exercise performances. Green Tea also consists of a massive range of antioxidants that are a result of the non-fermentation process that naturally makes green tea stand out and proves to be a better alternative than black or any other tea. The extract of green tea obtained, therefore, aids the fighting of the damaging effects caused by the free radicals, and potentially helps in weight loss. 

One of the antioxidants found in Green Tea is EGCG is responsible for the fats burning ability of the Green Tea. This constitute also has thermogenic properties that can potentially help in the oxidation of fats. Researches have been made that contribute to the fact that ECGC can also act as an appetite suppressant.

Another fact which comes as a natural and promising quality to Green Tea is that it has very few calories. Some foods that you consume to facilitate your weight loss themselves come with a lot of calories which is again an addition to the work need to do, but green tea has an almost negligible amount of calories.

Green Tea is also known to increase insulin activity, which in turn is good for oxidation of glucose. Green Tea also consists of an ingredient called Theanine that provides a calming effect to the brain without sedation, and this helps to lose weight effectively.

What are the different types of Green Teas and how effective are they:

Below are a few important types of Green Teas with their most important properties:

  • Zhou Nutrition Green Tea: Zhou Nutrition’s Green Tea is one of the best green tea available in the market. It helps with your weight loss effectively and also helps you maintain a healthy weight. It also provides a boost in energy, and also helps in enhancing your immune system. It is also proved to be an aid to your heart health, therefore is definitely a tea that you can always turn to.
  • Lipton Green Tea: Lipton Green is a widely known and used green tea brand in India. It doesn’t consist of any added preservatives, additives or coloring agents, which makes it better than most of the Green teas in the market. However, Lipton green tea is on the higher end of pricing.
  • Fatbom Zero Tea: Fatbom Zero Tea is known to provide tea in one of the most natural forms; the blend is in its authentic form. The blend of this tea consists of components that are known to facilitate weight loss.
  • Benevolent Nourishment – Green Tea Extracts: Benevolent Nourishment products are known for the trustable quality products they provide. The green extract consists of around 50% of ECGC which a very important aspect of any green tea which promotes weight loss.
  • Ceremonial Matcha – Organic Matcha Green Tea powder: The Fact that makes this green tea powder stand out from the rest is because it is developed out of the tenderest leaves of the plant. It always has a very earthy flavor and is known to aid weight loss without really hampering your taste buds.
  • The republic of tea lean green supergreen tea: This tea retains the authenticity of the process carried out to make the tea. This tea is made with a combination of an Asian citrus fruit which is an organic Garcinia Cambogia and organic cinnamon. Both work as appetite suppressants. Hence is very good for those who really want to lose weight by eating less.
  • Best K-Cup Tea: There are various ingredients that make this green tea very reliable and appropriate for weight loss. This Green tea is infused with the goodness of different vitamin extracts like vitamin B- Complex, B1, B5, B9, and B12. These are known to aid weight loss.
  • Bigelow Classic Green Tree: This is a preferable tea option for the most because it favors the flavors. It has a very delicious and smooth taste. They have a very unique packaging that protects it from moisture. It is however the oldest of the green tea brands that will help you in weight loss.
  • Baetea 14-Day Teatox Herbal Detox: This tea is especially recommended for those who struggling to eat enough to feel full and still want to lose weight. This is a unique blend of ingredients that do not contain any artificial compounds to make you feel less hungry.

There are various other types of green tea brands with different constitutions that are very useful in aiding weight loss. One must understand the necessity of your own body to select the right one because different compositions have different effects on the body.


Looks are not important, however, health and being healthy is, so we should always make sure to keep our body fit. We should make it a routine, and with that, we do not really mean a strict diet, but to eat anything and exercise enough to dissolve those fats in your body. But remember it is not what is outside that counts but what is within, so if you eat healthily, inhibit healthy habits, make sure to keep your body active, take ample rest, monitor your calorie intake, and see that it balances with the calories you burn and with all this if you include green tea alongside then it will be cherry on the cake because green tea will help you dissolve more fats with lesser efforts. participates in Amazon services LLC Associates program, which is an affiliates advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to