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Best herbal tea for energy

Best herbal tea for energy

Early mornings have had its impact on the lives of people differently, while most of them suggest getting up early is important, but being able to do so seems very tiring and difficult to the rest. Imagine getting up early in the morning boosted up with complete energy and enthusiasm and being able to carry out all the chores perfectly with a good temperament, would then mornings be hateful? Of course not!

While early mornings become difficult due to the tired and faded mood you get up with, it still remains necessary for most of us to do so. But what if you were promised to have a fresh start with just changing one habit of yours. Wouldn’t it seem like a great deal? Yes, with all the necessary good habits you can imbibe, you can also get up with complete boosted energy. And all that is possible by just adding a cup of a drink in your routine. A cup of Herbal tea can do wonders.

How can tea boost your energy levels?

Most of the types of tea that we consume have known to consist of moderate amounts of caffeine in it. However, tea is also believed to be a healthy alternative over the other caffeinated drinks. Most of the energy drinks have an instant effect that raises the energy of the body immediately. But tea has a convenient effect where the increased energy seems to be gained over a natural process. The Energy-boosting ability of different types of teas is partly due to the presence of a compound called L-theanine which promotes calmness. The compound is also believed to enhance our ability to focus.

Presence of caffeine in tea is considered to be important especially if you are looking for an effective energy drink, but those who strictly are looking for non-caffeinated drinks can choose any Teas, those which do not have any caffeine content but are known to be good alternatives for energy boosters. So below are a few best mentions that can give a refreshing kick-start to your mornings and will keep you active all day.

  • Green Tea: Green Tea is a caffeinated healthy drink that contains elements that are proven to help one increase alertness in a person. It consists of an amino acid known as L-theanine which helps in the processing of caffeine slowly and completely in the body, hence makes the effect of the tea last longer. It also contains vitamin C that is known to help boost energy. However, Green Tea may not be recommended to those who do not at all want to consume caffeine. But those who can bare caffeine in bits and parts can always choose Green Tea.
  • Yerba Mate: Yerba Mate is a tea that has derived its roots from South America. This tea is a package of both flavor and energy. It is known to be a staple drink of the Indigenous peoples. Yerba mate tea is believed to have a fusion of earthy and smoky flavors, which have a very strong and boosting effect. The caffeine content of this tea ranges in between that of green tea and coffee. This tea also has traces of the amino acid L-Theanine which helps in increasing one’s exercise performances.
  • Pu-erh Tea: Pu-erh tea is being used for ages now. It is partially a type of black tea that is fermented. This tea is known to be a guarded secret of Chinese that helps in weight loss. Pu-erh is known to have been prepared from a process where the leaves are fermented and further dried and compressed in the form of cakes. The tea can also be consumed with the addition of a splash of milk in it. With all its benefits this tea is also known to provide a refreshing effect.
  • Matcha: Matcha Tea is known for an authentic way of preparing it; it is usually prepared by whisking up the powder in a hot bowl of water. A fact of Matcha tea is that when you are consuming this tea, you consume the entire herb and not just the water in which the leaves are infused. Because of this process the tea retains most of the good qualities and helps you remain active all day.
  • Black Tea: Black Tea is widely known to be used all over the world as bed-tea, now this being used as a classic promotes the fact that this tea definitely does have many unique factors that make it everyone’s favorite. Black tea has the highest caffeine content. It is also known to be able to reduce heart diseases. Black tea can be prepared in various ways. It is honored with a classic recipe at different places. And the presence of L-Theanine makes it one of the favorites of all times for boosting energy levels.

So along with these wonderful contributions of mother earth whose delicacies have given us not only a job and motive to accomplish but also instruments to be able to do so, and amplification of our energy levels with the herbs is just an example of that. But all of the above-mentioned tea have a considerate amount of caffeine in it, what about those whose diets have strictly restricted caffeine. Below are a few natural alternatives that will elevate your energy levels and do not have caffeine in it.

  • Licorice Root Tea: Licorice Root is well known because it can cure different types of conditions. It is believed to cure problems related to digestion and also has inflammatory properties that can soothe the pain. It is often recommended to consume by those who suffer from depression. Therefore it evidences that fact has an ability to uplift the mood so it can also be used to boost energy levels and can be consumed as an energy booster drink.
  • Chamomile Tea: Induces sleep, aids digestion, cures depression, helps in sore throat, etc. There are no enough words to describe this wonder tea. It has made its prominence in history too because of the number of conditions it can cure. Chamomile tea also has a very smooth taste like raw apple. The tea with being able to cure stress also is known to be very promising in uplifting the mood. So Chamomile tea can be used to uplift the energy levels too.
  • Ginger Tea: The roots of ginger have continued to be part of various medications and even to elevate the taste of food. Ginger has also shown prominence in acting as a mild sedative and a painkiller. However, Ginger Tea also has been widely shown positive effects while used as an energy booster. Ginger always makes its way out in being used as a combination with all other teas.
  • Peppermint Tea: Peppermint Tea is very refreshing and energizing due to the presence of methanol in it. We are all aware of the cooling effect methanol has, which contributes to making peppermint tea as one of the most refreshing tea. It is known to aid cognitive function and physical activity by primarily stimulating the nervous system.

With the wide range of availability of options to foster the energy level, tea remains the most convenient and grounded alternative. So friends, if you wish to have your energy levels elevated all day, don’t worry, just sip a cup of Tea! participates in Amazon services LLC Associates program, which is an affiliates advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to