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Scientifically validated formula is a key to success in dietary supplement contract manufacturing. Putting together important ingredients needs an in-depth understanding of their working on the human body. At BL Sciences, We have helped several clients from across the globe in formulating their custom dietary supplements with the strong support of scientific studies to make marketing claims. 

All the formulations developed are unique in approach and address the specific problem they solve in consumers.BL sciences provide expert guidance in creating unique, scientifically-backed dietary supplement contract manufacturing of products. Our team is well experienced and have produced more than 50 unique formulations to clients across the globe. We can modify an existing formula and offer expert guidance about ingredients to be included or deleted to get desired effects. We can reverse engineer the proprietary blends of existing products and create new unique blends of dietary supplements. We assist in creating entirely new products with just an idea. We offer expert guidance to develop and formulate your dietary supplement product whether it is already on the market or is still in idea stage in your mind, whether it is a line extension or is a completely new line. We help you develop and formulate a scientifically-backed dietary supplement product at any stage of development.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha

We can assist you in developing and formulating all types of dietary supplement products including but not limited to the following:

Brain Health

CBD containing formulations

Custom formulations

Effervescent formulations

Electrolyte formulations

Essential oils

Immunity enhancing

Meal replacements

Men’s health

Nootropic formulations

Organic products

Probiotics and prebiotics

Skin health/Anti-aging

Sports health

Stress /Depression

Suppository formulations

Weight loss

Women’s health

We help in developing unique custom dietary supplement contract manufacturing products with scientific backing. We also assist in finding suitable manufacturers for your products and sourcing quality ingredients from across the globe.
We also offer service on claims validation for your existing products and their ingredients with all clinical, pre-clinical and scientific studies to help you file for USFDA approval.

When you decide to make a dietary supplement product, you can approach an established company that is already manufacturing dietary supplement products and is willing to put your own brand and logo on it. This product is considered a private label product. Private label is a faster quicker and more affordable way of bring the product into the market. However, it comes with a lot more competition because there are hundreds of other companies offering the exact supplement product but with their own brand name and logo. Consumers can easily make out the similar ingredients and their dosages in your competitors products. There will be huge price competition and very less margin to make profit.

On the other hand, custom dietary supplement products are unique and specifically made for addressing selected problem in the consumers. It will have unique combination of ingredients and unique dosages to address particular segment of the population. It offers zero or minimal competition and helps to strategize your marketing efforts to focussed customers. In custom formulations, you have the option to select the kinds of ingredients and quality of ingredients you want, So that you can offer your consumers a superior quality product.   However, custom dietary supplement formulations are expensive, come with minimum order manufacturing quantities and consume more time in the development and production. For a long term brand building you need to go with custom supplement formulation rather private label, because, the private label offers you a minimal or no control over your product.

We can broadly divide the process of bringing new dietary supplement to the market into 3 stages.
1. Formulation development
2. Manufacturing
3. Marketing
This approach is very simple, direct and followed by many people. People identify the best selling product and copy their label. They approach the manufacturer to copy the product with same ingredients and quantities.
The advantage with this method is formulation part (Stage–1) is just copied from the best product. You can directly approach manufacturing (Stage-2).
The disadvantages of this method are you have no idea of the competitors actual quality of ingredients used in the formulation. For example, the competitor’s mentions lemon balm extract 100 mg. However, you have no idea, what is the active Lemon Balm extract he has used and its suitability in the formulation. Lemon Balm extract is available as raw powder form, simple extract without standardisation and a standardised form. Even the standardised form has few varieties like the extract standardised to 2.5% Rosmarinic acid and standardised to 10% Rosmarinic acid.
Without knowing the exact form to use, the formulation may not be as effective as your competitor’s product, though you have used same ingredients and same quantity.

Some of the product labels make a proprietary blend as to avoid the stealing of their product details from the completion. In such cases you can’t copy the competitor’s product to its entirety.

In this, you can approach the formulation by finding out the best effective ingredients and use them in the formulation. The popularly used phrase “Fairy dusting” suits this approach as all the ingredients used here are many but without effective dosages (Quantity). This kind of formulations may lead to no effect and fail to sustain the market.

This is scientific approach to the custom dietary supplement formulation. The steps involved are briefly discussed below:
1. Idea brief: You need to think about the exact problem that your planned supplement formulation supposed to solve. It is in fact, what your supplement should perform in the target consumers. In this stage you need to research in dept about your target customers demography like age, sex, and preferences like organic, Vegan, non-GMO, Non-Dairy etc. Discuss with some one knowledgeable in this field for the feasibility of your concept.
2. Ingredient listing: After finalizing the concept, next important stage is to list important ingredients that could be considered in the formulation. There are many sources of information and secondary data available to do this step. You need to spend some quality time in searching for them and attend some trade shows; B2B meets to see the novel ingredients.
3. Clinical dosage and scientific studies: This is the most important step in entire formulation development. Once you have listed the ingredients, the next step is to look at scientific backing for each of the ingredients, look for relevant clinical dosages, synergistic or antagonistic ingredients, and find out the mechanism of action, dosages, possible interactions, side effects, toxicities, and contraindications etc for each of the ingredients.
If you are from health science back ground then this step will be easy else take the help of some experienced supplement formulator or consultant.
4. Selecting the right supplement formulation consultant (Optional):It would be great if you could actually work on these steps and research the ingredients yourself. However, If you don’t have sufficient time to do it or do not have the expertise, then it make sense to take the help of dietary supplement formulation consultant.Look for the consultant who is qualified (Preferably Ph.D in formulations or at least in life sciences) and well versed with herbs, supplements and alternative systems of medicine like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine.He must understand the science behind the formulations, different dosage forms (Tablets, capsules, soft gels, liquicaps, powders, effervescent granules, suspensions, emulsions, suppositories, topical balms etc) and manufacturing. He must be knowledgeable about the Recommended Daily Allowances, Nutritional Reference Values, Adequate Intake values and human nutrition in general. Also see to it that he has at least helped someone in the development of supplement formulations.Make sure you talk to him and understand his capabilities before deciding to handover your project to him. He should be able to advise you on supplement facts panel, manufacturing methods, raw material selection (Specifications), selection of dosage forms, selection of suitable manufacturer and flavouring of the formulation (Flavouring is needed for powder, effervescent, orodispersible, chewable and gummies formulations).
5. Draft formulation: Once you have all the above discussed data with you, it becomes easier to decide on the ingredients and supplement facts. Keeping the all the scientific information in mind you should arrive at a draft formulation or supplement facts panel. This is nothing but the preliminary formula with names of the ingredients and their quantities.
6. Final formulation: The draft formulation can be sent to the manufacturer for his comments. If required the necessary corrections, additions or deletions can be made based on the quality and availability of the ingredients. In this step the final supplement facts panel is created.
7. Manufacturing: The final formulation can be taken for the manufacturing with suitable manufacturer.
To conclude, formulating a unique and effective dietary supplement formulation is a challenge. It is important to spend quality time and efforts on this to create your own brand of unique supplement for long term business and profits. Effective supplement product that works can earn you loyal customers and long term profits with re-buying. Looking at the above approaches, it is not easy (at least if you want it to be scientific formulation) to formulate custom supplement. I propose that you utilize the services of qualified and experienced dietary supplement contract manufacturing consultants.