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Best Herbal Tea for Detox

Best herbal tea for detox

Best herbal tea for detoxMost of us experience lack of energy, lethargy and stress due to poor life style choices. This is the way we accept our lives in this fast faced day to day activities. It is almost impossible to take care of ourselves with daily routines and stricter food habits to maintain our health. Many a times the work conditions and loose food habits leads to accumulation of toxins in the body. Over the period of time, this build up of toxins in the body can be acting as a cause of lethargy, low on mood, and lack of energy. This is also a roadblock to your weight loss success. Best herbal tea for detox and the best slimming tea for weight loss can be the solution.

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Many people think they can lose weight by dieting (Meal replacements) but the fact is that detoxing is far more effective than dieting. The impact of toxic overload on your body can be quite harmful. The fat cell production may increase, and every cell in the body might get overloaded by the toxins. In fact, if you don’t detoxify simultaneously, there is a chance that you simply may not achieve your weight loss goals.

Hot Skinny Tea
Hot Skinny Tea

Hot Skinny Tea is a specially-crafted tea blend that is breaking the rules of weight-loss and nutrition programs. This tea blend full of distinct flavors not only invigorates and detoxifies your body, but it may also help to lose weight. Kimberly Clark, the brains behind Hot Skinny Tea, created this nifty nutritional supplement in order to help people achieve their health goals and lead a happy, positive, and vibrant lifestyle.

Why Toxins in the body Make Weight Loss Difficult?

As seen above, if the body is over run by the toxins, it can continue producing the fat cells that acts as store house of toxins along with fat. At this state, even if you diet and reduce calorie intake. you won’t be able to shed your weight. Until you address the root cause, its difficult to shed any weight.

Be that as it may, did you know that there are scientifically demonstrated all natural plants and herbs that can revitalize your body and give you the truly necessary lift to being your most healthiest and joyful self?

The best slimming tea for weight loss Ingredients that help in detoxification and weight loss

Here are some science backed ingredients and the benefits they provide. Importantly, all these are available in one amazing blend – The Hot Skinny Tea, best tea for detox and weight loss.

Hot Skinny Tea

Garcinia Cambogia

Best slimming tea for weight lossGarcinia Cambogia is an very well known weight loss supplement sourced from a tree native to India and Southeast Asia. It has the potential to act as a fat blocker due to its accumulation of hydroxycitric acid. High concentrations of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), can be found in the peel of the fruit. It can block enzymes that produce body fat, raise serotonin for better moods, and suppress appetite to promote weight loss [1, 2]. This herb should be the part of the best herbal tea for detox​.

Several clinical studies in humans have revealed that the Garcinia extracts (HCA) can cause short-term weight loss in humans [3]. It is one of the best slimming tea for weight loss. Several mechanisms have been suggested, including inhibition of energy metabolism and appetite suppression. Garginia cambogia is also reported to suppress cholesterol and triglyceride accumulation in high fat diet fed mice [4]

Lemon grass

Best liver detox teaLemon grass is full of antioxidants and helps you to detox and cleanse from within. It is a quintessential cleanser that gets rid of body toxins and balances bodily processes to the fullest such as liver functions. It is used as best liver detox tea. It is traditionally used to promote sleep, boost immunity and relieve pain. It is one of the best herbal tea for detox.

Scientific studies have shown its benefits in promoting detoxification by increasing the activity of an enzyme called glutathione S-transferase (GST) [5]. In an another study published in african journal of Biotechnology reported the hypocholestecolaemic potential of this herb [6]. Lemon grass tea is the best slimming tea for weight loss.

Sencha green tea

Best slimming tea for weight lossSencha green tea is from japan and most popular among the green teas in the world. Sencha being a best green tea with high concentrations of EGCG, It helps you with weight loss goals. This sencha green teas offers consistent and the highest level of catechins. It can be considered one of the best herbal tea for detox.

Recent human studies recommend that green tea may add to a decrease in dangerous of cardiovascular disease and few forms of cancer. Its helps in the promotion of oral health and other physiological functions such as body weight control, anti-hypertensive effect, antibacterial and antivirasic activity, protection from solar ultraviolet skin damage, increase in bone mineral density, and neuroprotective power [7]. Drinking this tea can clear your skin, increase energy levels, and even kill oral bacteria. This green tea is best slimming tea for weight loss

Hot Skinny Tea

Lotus leaf

Best tea for detox and weight lossThe lotus plant is been used in eastern medicine and is symbol of purity in Hindu and buddhist cultures.  Lotus extract contains dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates. Both of these work together to manage cholesterol and blood sugar. It also keeps the digestive system in track and acts as a blood tonic. This wonder herb should be the part of the best herbal tea for detox.

It not only regulates blood pressure but can also help increase iron-carrying capacity and moisturize the skin. A study conducted in human volunteers reports that it has a synergistic effect with green tea and can be a promising choice in skin disorders with elevated sebum levels [8].


Best herbal tea for detoxChamomile is consumed traditionally for several health benefits. Its been used for centuries to treat insomnia, anxiety and gastric distress. The dry flower extracts of chamomile contains approximately 120 secondary metabolites like terpenoids and flavonoids. These metabolites are responsible for its beneficial medicinal properties treat many human ailments [9]. It is among the best slimming tea for weight loss.

Chamomile in the form of herbal tea is becoming increasingly popular because of its pleasant aroma. It is estimated that more than a million cups of chamomile tea consumed daily worldwide. Scientific studies have proven its effectiveness in treating insomnia and generalized anxiety disorder in humans [10, 11]. No doubt it has its place in the best herbal tea for detox.

Senna Leaf

Best liver detox teaSenna leaf is a natural laxative from North Africa, is often used as laxative, detox and weight loss aid. It can also soothe inflammatory complaints like hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome, thereby assisting in more efficient removal of toxins and wastes. This boosts metabolism and may help in getting rid of unwanted body fat. All the benefits of senna comes from senna glycosides also known as sennosides.

Hot Skinny Tea


Best tea for detox and weight lossFennel is a meditarenian plant and is used by the traditional practitioners since centuries for it various health benefits. Fennel helps with inconveniences like diarrhea, bloating, and menstrual aches.

Very common use of fennel is to stimulate the bowel movements and help in constipation.

Pu-erh leaf

Pu-erh is a plant from Southwestern China, improves mental health and also cleanses your body of toxins. There is a limited evidence from the scientific studies shows its benefits as weight loss [12, 13]. However, this herb should be part of the best herbal tea for detox. 

Best liver detox teaStevia Leaf

Stevia is a zero-calorie natural sweetener. Its reported that it is 50-100 times sweeter than sugar. It is also beneficial in controlling the diabetes and helps in maintaining glucose levels in the body [14].

Now, all of these amazing herbs has been specially sourced and packaged into one stellar detoxifying herbal tea blend — THE HOT SKINNY TEA. Together, these ingredients make a full-flavored hot tea drink that helps to detoxify your body, boost energy to new levels, reduce constipation and bloating, keep your cholesterol and blood pressure at normal levels, and drop weight in the process.

This HOT SKINNY TEA offers two types of packages. 14 days detox is perfect as opening kickoff and 28 days detox to further boost the progress.

Whichever you choose, this is made of all natural, high-quality ingredients and is guaranteed to give quick, visible results: renewed health, increased energy, and a happier life.

Hot skinny tea is shaking up the entire tea market in the USA and Canada. The use of herbs to cleanse or detoxify your body to prime it for the weight loss is not new but this tea blend is full of carefully selected and sourced natural ingredients to provide the drinker a perfect detox and weight loss experience.

If you are unsure whether this Hot Skinny Tea is the right for you, you can just opt for the 14-day detox special. This will give your body enough time to show positive results by only committing to the product on a trial basis.

You can also opt for 28 days detox program to take control of your body and reap the benefits of this amazing tea. This is one of the best slimming tea for weight loss.

What’s fantastic about this tea is this is the pack of natural abundance of healthy ingredients. It’s convenient and easy to make. Drinking twice a day this best slimming tea for weight loss can show you visible results, enhanced holistic wellness and improved bodily immunity. Think more, it can even complement your weight loss efforts when supplemented with regular exercises and a healthy diet plan.

Preparing Hot Skinny Tea is very easy. Take one table spoons of the tea blend into a previously heated water, let it steep for 2-3 minutes, and drink this tea twice a day.

This blend is made out of sencha green tea, pu-erh leaf, lemon grass, senna leaf, lotus leaf, garcinia cambogia extract, fennel, and stevia as a natural sweetener. The detox effects of this best herbal tea for detox have been supported by scientific studies. This tea also be acting as the best slimming tea for weight loss by boosting fat-burning capabilities of your body. This herbal tea is the promise of a healthier lifestyle and a better you, all in one super tasty cup.

As we have seen earlier, the toxins in the body may be a hinderance to shed your weight. Detoxification of body can be the first step towards the process of weight loss. Most of the detox teas have the flavonoid known as catechins this may boost metabolism there by help your body breakdown the accumulated fats. Most of the detox tea ingredients contain some amounts of natural caffeine in it. This increases your energy and alertness and helps body to breakdown more calories.

Some of the ingredients will have laxative effect on your body and that may speed up the food through your digestive system. This makes you look slimmer and flatter. Also, the natural ingredients in the detox teas may boost the enzyme activity of liver and kidney function. These all the actions together may boost some weight loss along with detoxification.

The process of detoxification encourages you to drink more water and eat fresh veggies. The more you drink and more you excrete it as urine and sweat. This leads to losing some weight. But remember the mere detoxification of your body may not lead to permenat weight loss but it certainly help lose some weight and makes you feel more lightweight and energetic.

You need to know that to lose weight you need to boost your metabolism and detox your body. You need to drink metabolism-boosting teas in the morning to lose belly fat. You can drink any of the below hot drinks in the morning. These are the best slimming tea for weight loss

  • Chamomile tea
  • Fennel water
  • Green tea
  • Lemon grass tea

You can also, take these individually or in combination. However you can also take the best tea for detox and weight loss- HOT SKINNY TEA. This Tea has all best natural, science backed ingredients to act perfectly on your body assisting detoxification and lose belly fat.

There are several best tea for detox and weight loss. Popular among them are

  • Green tea: This is one of the best tea to drink for weight loss. It has the backing of proven scientific studies and is time tested. It is been used since centuries for it several health benefits. The main effects comes from the presence of rich antioxidants and catechins. These compounds have been associated with detox and weight loss.
  • Puerh tea: This is popular tea in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) having several health benefits. This tea extract is studied for anti-obesity effects in humans and proven to be effective in weight loss. Few animal studies reported that is lowers the blood sugar and blood triglycerides. This is one of the best tea for detox and weight loss
  • Lemon grass tea: It is another proven remedy for weight loss and energy boosting. The tea made out of it can be sipped everyday morning to lose belly fat.
  • The best one is to drink all in one, HOT SKINNY TEA. This tea is made with careful selection of science backed natural ingredients to boost detoxification and weight loss. It also keeps your digestive system in check, boosts metabolism and keeps you away from lethargy.

The best tea for weight loss and bloating should work by relieving the build up of gas in the stomach, reduce food intolerances, balance the gut bacteria (Probiotics), and help with constipation. The following are the few teas may work for weight loss and bloating

Fennel tea: This is traditionally used for its digestive disorders like constipation, abdominal pain and bloating. There are few scientific studies too backing its digestive and bowel benefits in humans and animals. This scientific evidences suggests that it may work for bloating, constipation and gastic ulcers

Chamomile tea: As discussd earlier this chamomile is very popular in western cultures for its well know health benefits. It also enjoys the centuries of trust for its proven benefits to prevent bloating and boosting gastric health.

Peppermint tea: Peppermint is well known for its popular aroma. It is proven to prevent bloating and promote digestive health.

Lemon balm tea: This herbal tea is traditionally known for lemony scent and mint flavour. The scientific reports have suggested its benefits in preventing bloating and mild gastric issues.

Liver is the main organ for cleansing the body. It performs various functions to keep the body toxin free by the process call metabolism. Keeping liver in healthy is very important to prevent accumulation of toxins in the body. There are several natural ways to cleanse your liver and boost its strength. The best liver detox tea are offers certain benefits in this process. A study conducted in Japanese participants reports a daily 5-10 cups of green tea can improve the markers of liver health [15]. The black tea extract is also proven to be effective in reducing the negative effect of a high diet on the liver.

We all know that the liver is the main organ in the body acting like gate keeper to allow in only those materials suitable for our body. It will transform all that is toxic into non toxic substances before they enter blood circulation. This mightly gate keeper, the liver, should be kept healthy by suitably supporting it by enhancing its performance.  The best liver detox tea are traditionally proven good for this purpose.

Human clinical studies have demonstrated that a single dose of up to 1.6 g of green tea extract is well tolerated. The maximum tolerated dose in humans is reported to be 9.9 g per day; and this is equivalent to approximately 24 cups of green tea. The adverse effects of high doses of green tea extract include mild headache, dizziness and nausea. The safety and tolerability of green tea extracts for long term use has not been well established [16].

Keeping these scientific observations in mind, 3-5 cups of the best herbal tea for detox per day may not be harmful. However, keep in mind to observe any side effects and allergies that may precipitate in few people. This may vary from person to person. If so discontinue the use of this best liver detox tea immediately and see your doctor.

This is the question many people ask that drinking deox tea really help in losing belly fat? As we discussed above, the detoxification is the necessary step in weight loss journey. By throwing away the toxins in your body, you are removing the main road block of weight loss The ingredients in the detox tea promote the removal of toxins by diuretic action. This helps you lose some belly fat and make you look slimmer and feel lighter.

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