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Best protein powder for women to gain weight

Best protein powder for women to gain weight

Protein powder is an effective and popular tool for the women, who wants to lose weight, improves muscle and increase their athletic performance. There are many protein powders are available in the market that specifically developed for women. Basically, protein powder is highly impressive for women to lose weight, improve strength and tone their body into shape. But, if some women likes to put on weight than also, again protein powder is a good choice by only increasing the quantity of protein intake and calories.

Protein is consider as one essential macro nutrient among the three essential macro nutrients that are highly important for the physiological, biological, and metabolic functions of the body. Proteins helps in the development of muscles and muscles tissues. Protein powder is beneficial for the women who wants to build their muscles but consuming it in more then desired quantity can increase the weight.

An excellent protein powder should contain macro nutrients with little carbohydrates and calories, should not contain artificial sweetener, food dyes, and other substances, and does not taste like a milkshake. Protein powder is a convenient and easily available option to add with daily meals and food.

However, people often confused to understand the best available protein powder that suits their needs and health, so it is important to understand that which is the best protein powder that is suitable to gain weight in women and satisfies all the requirements.

Whey Protein Powder

The best available protein powder that is used for weight gain is Whey protein powder. Whey protein is a product of milk. Milk has two kind of proteins casein and whey. The whey protein can be isolated from the casein during the process of making cheese. Whey protein is a complete protein with all essential 9 amino acids and low in lactose. 

Whey protein is different from other proteins sources as it has wide availability in comparison to the others and support body to consume high amount of protein content. Whey protein with casein protein is best for gaining weight. The presence of glycomacropeptide (GMP) in whey protein is responsible for weight gain [R].

It is important to know that any kind of macro nutrient, if consumed in excess quantity will lead to weight gain. The body has a capability to consume certain number of calories every day and if we consume more calories beyond the required calories then it will show as weight gain. 

Protein powder is very useful for women as it keeps their body fit and in shape but it also requires to do exercise to burn calories unless it will show as weight gain. However, there are no enough studies or research that explained the role of whey protein in weight gain but some studies which have different aim may show that whey protein has a capacity to weight gain in women. 

According to one study, whey (WH) protein, casein (dairy) protein or carbohydrate consumed 30 minutes before the sleep in women reduces the metabolic process speed and increase the risk of weight gain. The night time consumption of proteins and carbohydrates helps in weight gain as it is difficult for the body to consume high energy food when the body cardio metabolic rate is low.

The study also describe that whey protein encourages insulin levels to rise and provide condition to the body to store more fat in comparison to other protein powders [R]. However, rise or fall in insulin level in the blood is not directly associated with weight gain but in the case of whey protein it works.

A study on dietary protein intake in women reveals that higher protein intake is directly associated with less decrease in Body mass or fat mass. Means, if a woman is consuming high protein diet then it is less possible that she would lose weight and in long term, she will gain weight [R].

Another study shows that casein-based diet gains weight as a diet that includes soy protein and isoflavones. A trial is conducted on college going girls to prove it. The result revealed that females gained a significant amount of weight gain by consuming casein-based diet or soy protein based diet. The body mass and fat mass were similar in all the participants. This study proved that casein-based diet increase weight in females [R]. 

Protein and energy rich supplements are widely used for treating elder people malnutrition. A study on older men and women has revealed that whey protein drinks can slow the gastric emptying, and increases the concentration of insulin, cholecystokinin, glucogon, GLP-1, GIP, and PYY in the body which releases high energy [R].

This high energy, if not consumed in a proper way may leads to weight gain. Regular used of whey protein powder provides high energy to the elderly people and these high calories can help in gaining the weight or decreasing malnutrition.

Whey protein will not make women fat as long as it is only for fitness but it also needs an active lifestyle. Whey protein with an inactive lifestyle surely gains weight in women. Actually, whey protein in the body is responsible to convert more calories into the heat energy and the process is known as thermogenesis. The body converts calories into energy in the process of diet based thermogenesis. Further, muscle cells burn calories and consumed maximum energy [R].

The body started sweating and increases body temperature. This process makes women body fit and avoids gaining weight. But, if a women consumed whey protein and did not do any exercise or have an inactive lifestyle then calories developed due to whey protein will remain same in the body and further contribute into fat gain. Whey protein intake provide more calories and avoid burning those calories will provide a better weight gain.

In conclusion, Whey Protein powders are full of lean protein and extra calories. Whey protein powder is best when consuming it with casein protein. Whey protein powder provides high energy that if not consumed or burned timely can provide weight gain.

They can easily consumed with other foods such as smoothies, hot cereals, yogurt or protein shake. A smoothie is a great weight gainer snack when prepared with protein powder as it contains high protein and calorie content.

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