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Best Herbal Tea for digestion

Best herbal tea for digestion

Healthy digestive system is a satisfied kidney, a pleased heart, an amused brain, delighted other organs, and a happy you. Of all the speculations and debates that have been carried out overages, one can never deny the importance of a completely fit and fine digestive system and the very need to maintain it at its superior most state of health. And what’s better than letting nature help you heal the conditions, Best Herbal Tea for digestion is the most dependable option available to help one with the well being of the digestive system and also to treat other conditions like gas and bloating, constipation, etc.

What tea is good for digestion and bloating?

Do you remember referring to your “gut feeling” while explaining the intricate details about what you are exactly feeling like? Isn’t it bizarre that while we have never known anything close that relates our gastrointestinal organs with sensory organs but we still end up co-relating them? That is because the Digestive system is also a secretive communication center to and from the brain, which helps our nervous system with it’s thought process. While it also acts as a front line warrior to protect our body from any kind of disease.

Functions of the digestive system are complex processes and are carried out in various steps, however, maintaining it in it’s best of health becomes a necessity. It is a widely known fact that warm foods are easy to digest hence vaguely are a good choice. And what if we tell you the exact food that can help you cure so many conditions related to your digestion and also help you in keeping it healthy. It’s the Warm Magic potion, a small cup of magical warm juices in your body and you will soon start to feel the change. This can be the one and only solution to your multiple Digestion related issues.

So, what exactly is this Warm magic potion?

Warm magic potion is nothing but Herbal Tea. Yes, also known as tisanes are a type of beverage made like most other types of tea, however, like the name suggests Herbal tea is a result of the infusion of herbs, flowers, or other plant materials.

Herbal tea promises to be one of the healthiest options to choose from, because of the absence of caffeine naturally. Their vibrant colors, flavors, and numerous health benefits make them one of the fastest-growing adaptions in societies.

Herbal tea aims to serve a wide range of problems other than just digestion related, following are few of many prominent uses of Herbal Tea.

  • Detoxification: Herbal Tea is the best go-to option if one is looking forward to making the body free of any kind of toxins. The importance of herbal tea is increasing due to the increase in the consumption of junk food, which is filling our body with all unnecessary toxins.
  • Stress Buster: Competitive lifestyle and its effects are well known. Stress contributes to the majority of the concern. Herbal tea is the healthiest solution to any stress-related problems. One cup of warm herbal tea can give you a very soothing and calming effect. And it also acts as a mild antidepressant.
  • Maintaining a healthy and a fit body: Variety of Herbal tea’s aid weight loss. Keeping your body in a perfect shape is a dream for many. Herbal tea can also always come to your rescue without even causing any harm or side effects.
  • Anti-aging: We live in a society that always is set between barriers. Most of them are unnecessary. But maybe deep inside everyone wants to look beautiful, and how beautiful it is to look young. Herbal Tea with its magic components if consumed in the right way can always make you look young, again with no side effects known.

The prominent role of herbal tea in aiding the digestion:

There is definitely nothing wrong with addressing Herbal Tea as a magic potion. However longer the list of uses of the Herbal tea is, it still aces to serve the most important process of our body, Digestion.

 A cup of herbal tea after your dinner or even after lunch can make a huge difference. It majorly helps in digesting your food easily. Herbal tea has many factors that support the digestive process. Be it the rich components like spearmint (helps in smoothening the digestive system) or the texture of this being liquid which exhibits almost no stress on the Digestive system. Herbal Tea is always consumed hot, which again is good for the gut. Herbal Tea acts as a fuel that enables the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal organs. So it’s a boon that humankind has received from the nobles and nature.

 That is what is important to protect, is always surrounded by threats, this reminds of the very need to guard it further. The human digestive system is strong enough, however, while that is being said, it becomes very important for us to understand that it still cannot digest what is it not meant to. And the food that we eat in modern times is almost exactly that, resulting in various issues in our digestive system.

There are innumerable conditions that different people have faced with the stomach and gut, but a few issues are almost like everyone faces it in their daily life. Be it, constipation, bloating, gas, etc. These problems are widely faced. Herbal Tea can also rescue you from these problems too. Herbals tea helps you make a balance that can cure your constipation related issues and even is found very useful in treating gas and bloating too.

Different combinations of Herbal Teas:

Herbal tea with its composition constitutes a wide range of its kind. It is almost impossible to know and list all of them. So a few have been listed below that are proven to cure different digestive problems. (The best part of any Herbal Tea is that they always are accompanied with a number of other useful traits)

  • Chamomile Tea: It is a wonderful tea, the benefits of Chamomile Tea cannot be ceased in an article, however, what is important to know it’s contributions to cure bloating and indigestion cannot be ignored.
  • Fennel Tea: Fennel seeds are usually consumed right after lunch and dinner because it aids digestion. Fennel Tea is a very popular home remedy for Constipation, Indigestion, IBS & Bloating.
  • Peppermint Tea: Peppermint is well known for its refreshing flavors. The presence of methanol component in this herb makes it very useful in stomach related issues.
  • Ginger Tea: In a survey, it was found out that the consumption of a dedicated quantity of ginger every day can cure motion sickness. And also is very helpful in digestion.
  • Senna Tea: Senna is a herb derived out of the Cassia plant. The presence of chemicals called sennosides promotes bowel movements that have been known to cure constipation in both children and adults.

There are plenty of other types of Herbal teas that are very good for digestion and also help in curing constipation, gas, bloating, etc.

Case studies that prove the importance of consumption of Herbal tea:

There was a study carried out for about 4 weeks, in which rounds about 50 people participated. They were suffering from IBS, they were made to consume peppermint oil capsules and 75% of those were supposedly experienced an improvement in the condition. However, still, a debate continues if a similar effect is experienced with the tea.

 Ginger Tea is however widely known for its effects. In a study where a group of people were treated with ginger tea for indigestion. The results were astonishing as most of them experienced an immediate effect. And also there are many reports that suggest the ability of ginger to help in digestion.

After ginger another spice found almost in every Indian home is Fennel. In a test where fennel tea was consumed by individuals with constipation noticed a change in their bowel moment and the bowel moments seemingly improved in a span of 28 days of consumption of the tea.

Another study also found that adults who had a habit of consuming black tea around 3 times a day had an 11% reduced risk of developing heart disease.

Preparation of tea:

The preparation of Herbal tea is similar to the preparation of any other tea. However, the quantity of the herbs to be used, the time span to boil the water with the herb, etc differ for different herbs. Fast-moving life has also provided access to a wide range of ready to make tea sachets. Urbanization does have some good aspects to it. Yes, it has made life really fast but also has provided ample solutions to keep up with the pace.


Herbal Tea and it’s magical powers are not limited, which makes it almost impossible to trap in just one article. However, we have tried hard enough to provide ample information that is important. Herbal tea can and is being used for various purposes. But it does still have its prominence in curing the digestion related problems. And not only problems but can help you keep your gut health so that you get a great and right gut feeling.

It’s not always necessary that you wait for a problem to occur to then find it’s cure. Sometimes it becomes very important that you do not take risks and focus on preventing it. You are just a click away from achieving one of the easiest ways to get the healthiest gut. And you know right, ‘ A healthy digestive system is a healthy you’. participates in Amazon services LLC Associates program, which is an affiliates advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to